DAY 1: 9:30 - 6:00

ORIENTATION: Overview of class, logistics, ground rules, philosophy of curriculum

CLASS ONE: Your Personal Consultation
You get to be the client to learn how a consultation works and to know what you need personally from the fashion world, specifically your personal Elements of Style, your best styles, how to accessorize with current fashion, and where to shop for your best values.

CLASS TWO: Debriefing of Personal Consultation; We'll discuss the content and procedure of the consultation and go into detail on the Elements of Style; 1. Body Type and the Strategies for creating an Optical Illusion of Proportion, 2. Fashion Personality, 3. Color Palette through Personal Color Analysis.

CLASS THREE: An Introduction to the World of Fashion; What is beauty? What is clothing? What is fashion? What's the difference between pret-a-porter and haute couture and why should you care?

CLASS FOUR: An Historical Overview of Fashion; When did it all begin? What names should you know? What's the "New Look" and who was responsible for it? How do you pronounce Givenchy?

DAY 2:  9:30 - 6:00

CLASS FIVE: Review of the Elements of Style with practice in color analysis.

CLASS SIX: Understanding the Client
Who is the client? What does she need? What's your personal theme or philosophy for helping women dress well?

CLASS SEVEN: Client-Centered Practices
What's your skill set? What are your services? How do you conduct a closet inventory and escort a client to shopping venues? How do you fashion forecast for your clients? What are your tools? How will you market your services?

CLASS EIGHT: Building A Support Network; What do you need to know about skin care, hair, and makeup and to whom do you send your clients?

DAY 3: 9:30 - 6:00

CLASS NINE: The Art of the Personal Consultation
Let's face it: It all starts here! You can't give a talk on fashion, a seminar, or even blog about styles until you've worked with a real woman. In this class you'll learn the steps and the best practices.

CLASS TEN: Case Studies
​You will study individuals, their challenges, their Elements of Style, their shopping needs, and you will simulate a personal consultation for each of them

This is the big gig! You will provide a real-life personal consultation with a client. The steps will include:
The Introduction
The Needs Assessment
Discovery of the Elements of Style
Wardrobe Analysis
Wardrobe Design
Shopping Recommendations (items and venues)

Awarding of certificate and checking for completeness of materials.