My name is Mary Sheehan Warren and I am the founder of ISYFashion.

I designed these services after the publication of my first book on personal fashion entitled It's So You: Fitting Fashion to Your Life in 2007. The book is a reflection of my adventures and best practices while involved with the non profit organization, Elegance In Style (now Success In Style),  which was founded in 1996. 
I have both a Bachelor's and a Master's Degree from the University of Maryland at College Park and began my professional life as a corporate trainer for Jostens Learning Corporation. That was all back in the good old days of the early Internet, when we were trying to figure out how to use a mouse and open the "windows" before everything would "crash."  After four years of living on the edge, however, I happily traded the mouse and floppy disks for the tape measures and color swatches which fill the wild world of fashion consulting.

I am a current Member of the Board of Directors of Success In Style, a Director of The Fashion Intelligence Project, and I am an Adjunct Professor at The Catholic University of America where I teach Fashioin Marketing and Consumer Behavior to undergraduate students.
Currently, I live in the Washington DC area with my husband and the two youngest of my five children. (I suppose that means I'm 3/5 on the way to being an empty-nester but 2/5 makes all the difference.)
Finally, to really know me, I must also share that my areas of special interest include art, literature, fashion history, gardening, travel, wine, and the logistics of living a more sustainable consumption of fashion. True, this may all sound like a lot for one person, but I somehow manage to weave all these loves together into the every day routines of my life.
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