My own photo of the old Glen Echo Park in Bethesda, Maryland. I've grown up on visits to this place so that the "cuddle up" here means so much more to me.
My Story
I've spent nearly thirty years in education of some type: Corporate training, professional presence consulting, and fashion, and now I teach fashion marketing and consumer behavior at The Catholic University of America in Washington, DC.

For years, I ran my styling and personal branding business, ISYFashion, centered around the philosophy of my book, It's So You: Fitting Fashion to Your Life, and I found out very quickly that a woman's physical presentation is more than just clothing and makeup: A physical presentation reflects one's state of mind, attitudes, and level of self confidence, and includes body language, speaking, and connecting with others as well. So, I wrote The Thoughtful Girl's Guide to Fashion, Communication, and Friendship for the many high school girls I know (including my own high school and college-age daughters) who are trying to figure out how it all fits together.

Also, look for the content I curate at The Fashion Intelligence Project on line at and learn about its various partners, including Success In Style.

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